About Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

We know the importance and significance of your baby’s skin which is soft, gentle, delicate and responds very quickly against allergic substances such as chemical, fragrance, detergents, dyes and wipes resulting in skin irritation and rashes. With this thought Mother Sparsh has come up with a product which is needed every next second by the mother for baby care. Mother Sparsh baby water wipes are soft and gentle specially designed with mild ingredients to keep baby’s skin nourished and refreshed. These can be effectively used for baby’s meal time, play time and potty time.

  • Mother Sparsh baby water wipes are as pure as water & gentle to the skin. It contains 98% purified water.
  • Mother Sparsh water wipes also contains herbal extract of Aloe vera & jojoba oil, which has natural hydrating properties to nourish the skin.
  • Mother Sparsh wipes are completely free from Alcohol and Parabens
  • Hypoallergenic wipes with Extra Moisture content.

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Pack & Price Details

S No. Product Name Qty Price
1 Mother Sparsh Water Wipes 80 Wipes 175

Key ingredients of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes:

Key ingredients Key ingredients
purified-water-wipes 98% PURIFIED WATER Fragrance Fragrance
Glycerin Glycerin Jojoba-Oil Jojoba Oil
AloeVera-Extract Aloe Vera Extract Lactic-Acid Lactic Acid/TEA
Vitamin-E Vitamin E

Key Features of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

S No. Key Features
1 Purest Wipes (98% purified water)
2 pH balanced
3 Parabens Free
4 Alcohol Free
5 Worry Free
6 Easy to Use
7 Non woven Spunlace Fabric

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are Purest Water Wipes - 98% Water Wipes, Parabens Free, Alcohol Free, Worry Free, Hypoallergenic, Proven For Effectivness, Suitable To Be Used From Birth, Ph Balanced and Enriched With Vitamin E And Aloe Vera.

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